International Dealer Conference

June 22, 2018, Ecosoft held an international dealer conference. Representatives of different companies from 9 European countries attended the event.

Guests had a possibility to visit manufacturing facilities, where they saw new technological lines of full-line cycle of production of filters. Also, dealers attended lectures where they listened about the mission and values of the company, got acquainted with the novelties and studied more about the already loved products. The greatest interest among the listeners caused filters with Ecomix® and commercial reverse osmosis systems that cope with water purification in different countries, even though quality of water may differ a lot. Ecosoft specialists also shared their experience in organizing sales in branded stores and conducting Internet marketing.

One more interesting event was organized at the end of the conference – coffee making master class about ways of preparing coffee on ideal water after the RObust PRO filter. Participants could get acquainted with alternative methods of making coffee and ensured how much water quality affects the taste of the drink. Some dealers even could feel themselves in the role of a professional barista.

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