Water treatment at the first Biomass Power Plant in Ukraine

Ecosoft took part in a large-scale project that involved the construction of the first Ukrainian biomass power plant in Kamianets-Podilskyi.

This unique power plant produces 39 MW of thermal energy and 1.6 MW of electricity and uses only biofuel.

Within the framework of the project, Ecosoft developed a tailor made technological solution for post-treatment of tap water. This solution provides a scheme for purification of feed water for boilers with a capacity of 32 m3/h.

The technological scheme includes mechanical cleaning, softening and dosing of reagents. Coarse impurities such as sand, dirt, rust, and slurries are effectively removed at the first stage. Removal of hardness ions up to 0.01 meq/l is obtained by implementing 2 stages of softening. The last stage includes adding reagents, to reduce oxidation, and pH adjustment. Thus, such technology prevents the formation of deposits on the surface of the heating elements and extends the service life of the equipment.

The facility is fully implemented and commissioned into operation.

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